Safety technology

Using the LASAL Safety Designer, you can quickly and comfortably program or configure your Safety applications. The graphic, clear representation and predefined function blocks reduce your overhead considerably. With this tool seamlessly integrated into engineering platform, you can easily create logic connections and configure the Safety I/Os. Troubleshooting and validation can also be comfortably performed.

  • Library with standard, as well as Safety function blocks (based on the PLCopen standard)
  • Emergency Stop, Two Hand Control, Guard Locking, etc.
  • Place function blocks and in/outputs via Drag & Drop
  • The debugger enables the graphic display of all values and signal flows

In the integrated graphical editor, you can easily place function blocks and I/Os via Drag & Drop and connect them to non-safe variables of the PLC.

The online actions (logging in, cancelling errors, downloading etc.) are run centrally in the Online State dialog.

The LASAL SAFETY Designer library contains, in addition to function blocks based on the PLCopen standard, standard and numeric function blocks as well.